Sunday, 9 October 2011


This upcoming trend of Magnetic nail polish is SOOOO COOL! I have been over crackle for a long time and hopefully this will replace it soon enough. It's so easy and the effects really are fantastic. I decided I was going to make a video because it's a process that still pictures don't do justice. Although I was originally going to do a cheap, quick tutorial, I live with a filmmaker and he wouldn't let me get away with my iPhone video. So check out this great product and finishing result (Here is a link if video imbed isn't working):

Magneffects is made in Italy, but there are online retailers that sell the products. I purchased mine from Brigette's Boutique and had a great experience. They are located in Wisconsin, which is close to me. I ordered on a Wednesday night and received my polishes via first class mail by Friday. So fast! Be warned, that the polish is $15.50, which is a on the high end for polish price points. But I'd keep in mind for nail art, it's comparable. Think about it--you need two bottles of nail polish for crackle, so $15.50 might be worth it!

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

These photos show two coats of Blue Gray Flow 03 and Golden Bronze 09 with one coat of Seche Vite for the top coat.
Thanks to Munqs for the background music for the video.

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