Thursday, 31 March 2011

Born Pretty false eyelashes giveaway

Here are some information I recived from Born Pretty store.
They have some free giveaways where you can get some false eyelashes.
The coupon code is FBEYELASH and will be available at
22:00 EST (New York Time) 31st March, 2011. They prepare 20 pairs, and will have
more after 5th April, so, just hurry!

Born Pretty Nail Art

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jesse's Girl-JulieG with animal print konadicure

Today I'll show you a new Konadicure with m78 image plate.
I used white, black and violet for stamping the design.
The base color I used is JulieG from Jesse's Girl. It's a nice coral creme,
applied in two coats.
I won it in a giveaway hosted by ThatsSOfresh and it's totally awesome!

What do you think?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Covered in diamonds

Today I'll show you a simple but cute manicure.
I applied two coats of a gray franken I made and two coats
of Color Club - Covered in diamons above.
Here's the final look:

Friday, 25 March 2011

Liquid Palisade giveaway [CLOSED]

I have a new giveaway for you! This time you have the chance to win a
Liquid Palisade from Kiesque.
You can see my review and more details about this product here.

To enter the giveaway, please fill the form bellow. Entries in the comments won't be accepted
If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, click here.

You must be a follower of this blog and leave your email adress, so I can contact
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For some extra entries, you may:
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The giveaway is opened internationally, until 20th of April.


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Thursday, 24 March 2011

French grapefruit nails

Today I'll show you a manicure with nail fimos.
I started with two coats of Classics #205 and then I painted the tips of my nails
with Illamasqua Scorn. I cut some grapefruit fimos and put them on nails.
Finally, I applied a top coat.

What do you think?

You can find the nail fimos and a lot of other nail decorations at Born Pretty store.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Silver Streak

I am hoping this is my last dark post of the season. We here in MN are expecting another snowfall even though spring has technically started. Boo! No matter the weather....No matter the season upon us, I am in love with this manicure. Love the base color and I had fun with the holo marble.

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

Holo Shot:

I painted three coats of Zoya Paris and then used China Glaze OMG and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Flawless for the marble. I finished the look with CND Super Shiney.

White & green spring manicure

Today I'll show you another Konadicure.
Actually, this one was hard to to because of the curve on the top of the nail.
I firstly applied 2 coats of Flormar M103 white, and then I painted the green curve
using a thin brush with Essie Going Incognito. I stamped under them the design from m36 image plate with Konad special green and I applied some silver rhinestones.
I finished with a top coat.

What do you think?

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Holy Blogging, Batman! So sorry to load a bunch of mani's on you all at once, but I was sick last week and having trouble finding my motivation. But it's a lazy Sunday and I need to catch you all up so you know what I know!

Speaking of needs, I needed an obnoxious, "Classy with a K" manicure for a party I attended this weekend. This was the result. I actually love it for its obnoxiousness, not to mention it was perfect for the party.

Low light, glitter detail:

Ultra exposed:

I painted two coats of Zoya Jolene, then used Konad plate m57 with Special Stamping Polish in Black to apply the zebra stamp. Over the entire nail, I added LA Splash Cosmetics nail glitter in Fashionista. I applied two coats of CND Super Shiney as my top coat.

Glittering Gold

Can you tell I've been addicted to glitter lately? I am especially in love with Golden Egg from LA Splash Cosmetics. I really wish sometimes you could see these manicures in person because pictures really don't do this one justice! The glitter was so bling-tastic it was nearly foil-like in appearance. Very cool and not at all rough like it might look in the pictures.... I added a shot at the end that I hope captures some of the major sparkle of this manicure.

Sunlight Shot:

Action Shot:

I coated two coats of China Glaze Sea Spray on all fingers but my pointers. I painted two coats of Heli-Yum. I rubbed LA Splash Cosmetic nail glitter in Golden Egg on my Sea Spray nails and carefully placed in the center of my Heli-Yum nails. I added China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat as a final measure.

Subtle Is My Middle Name

This manicure was very subtle and unfortunately due to chipping polish, only really lasted a day on my nails. I suppose that is alright, but I was a bit disappointed because the base color was one of my new Zoya polishes, but it didn't have the lasting power I expected. That's always a bummer. I'm including a close up picture due to not being satisfied with my camera pics. This color has a great, subtle shimmer to it I was hoping to better capture.

I painted three coats of Zoya Jacy, then stamped from the image plate m69 with Konad Special Polish in Coral Blue. I used Seche Vite as a top coat.

I've Got A Fever!

Last week when this manicure was on my fingers, I was not feeling so hot. A comment from my sister-in-law about my low grade fever immediately sparked this idea for a manicure! It also was a nice, bright, pick-me-up for my week of cold.

I painted three coats of China Glaze Free Love and added a mix of MAC Pigment Glitter in Red and added a touch of LA Splash Cosmetic nail glitter in Golden Egg. I coated the manicure with China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

Fanning Flowers

I had another new Zoya polish to try and showcase, plus some Konad plates I have not yet used for a manicure. So I killed two birds with one stone! I love that. I was hoping to capture the multicolor shimmer of this polish, not sure that happened, but know that the color is quite pretty.

I painted three coats of Zoya Valerie and then used Konad plate m75 and their Special Polish in White. I topped the manicure with a coat of Seche Vite.


Today I'll show you another enamel from piCture pOlish.
This is two coats of Citrus. Very shiney, without any top coat applied.
The color is very pigmented and creamy and it's very easy to apply it.
The color is gorgeous, too, I adore this orange!

What do you think? Did you try their products?

If not, you can buy piCture pOlish products from their website for $9.95

Friday, 18 March 2011

Free image plate from Born Pretty!

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