Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Marble Hearts

This will be my last Valentine's day manicure (well at least before the day). I have each of my days planned as I'm getting ready for vacation, so time's up! I think this marble turned out pretty well. The hearts may not be too obvious on every nail, but when I say "hearts", you see hearts. As a marble, it was a bit difficult and due to my perfectionist nature, I did re-do a few nails after final inspection, but 14 marbles for 10 nails isn't too bad! I hope you all have someone to share some love with this V-day--whether it be a partner, a friend, a mom, a brother, a pet or a pillow!

Right Hand:

Left Hand:


I painted a base for the marble with two coats of Zoya Jolene, then used the same color plus China Glaze Salsa in order to "marble" the hearts. I sealed the look with one coat of CND Shiny.

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