Monday, 21 February 2011

Faux Leopard

I did not intend on having nails that in my mind looked like a leopard, but that's all I see with this look. I have been experimenting with my OPI Black Shatter and the leopard look was actually a fluke result of said experimentation. Depending on how thick you polish the Shatter and the direction of your brush strokes, you can change the look of Shatter. In the previous vacation post, I went for a very thick coat of Shatter and it dried with larger chunks of black and less "shatter lines" (meaning it crackles less). This time I wanted to change my brush strokes, so I first painted (being much lighter in the application) the outside edges of my nails. Then, as I painted down the center of the nail, I moved the brush side to side in sort of a zig-zag motion. This is the end result:


No Flash:

I painted three coats of Zoya Tiffany and one coat of CND Speedey. Once fully dried I applied OPI Black Shatter as describe above and coated with Seche Vite.

On a side note, I have found that Shatter does shrink your base polish leaving exposed tips. I did wait for my polish to fully dry before applying Shatter as instructed, but I'm thinking a crackle side effect is shrinking polish....

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