Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring day manicure

Today I'll show you a springy manicure I've done and also talk about the Black stamping 
nail polish from a nail art store called Born Pretty. I started with two coats of 
Avon -Aqua Fantasy and then, using the sponge, I applied Pure Ice  -French Kiss on 
the tips. Then I stamped the design from m78 Konad plate with the stamping polish I was 
talking about. The design imprints very well, the color is intense enough and it doesn't 
dry on the stamp before you apply it on the nail. It is in a 3ml bottle, and its price 
is $2.05, with free international shipping. I think it deserves a try if you ran out 
of Konad special polish, because the results are mainly the same. I finished my 
manicure by applying a clear top coat. What do you think?

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