Monday, 17 January 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I recently received samples of nail foils from OC Nail Art to try out and review. I got two sets and tried the first this weekend, but I'm not going to fully review them until I have made a second attempt with my final pack of foils. However, this manicure is a little teaser of the nail foils I already tried out. When it comes to nail art, decals and decorations (rhinestones and such), I try to be as frugal as possible. I save used gemstones to use again. I have saved fimo decals and such. In this design, I used left over foils to add to my manicure. In each foil pack you are given various sizes of decals that end up needing to be trimmed and some sized you won't use at all because there are 16 foils in a pack and I only have 10 nails. I decided to save the trimmed foil as well as the unused full nail foils and repupose them for a manicure. I think it was a great way to recycle a great gift and get a design that would be hard to achieve with just regular polish.

I first coated three coats of China Glaze Frostbite. I then trimmed squares of S-Nail Nail Foils. Unfortunately there is no direct website for S-Nail. If OC Nail Art decides to carry the line after the reviews from other nail artists, I might be able to get you a website for you to check out. I did one coat of Seche Vite over Frostbite before adding the decals and then one coat over the entire manicure again (however I do find that the clear polish does peel off of the decals and the final coat over the decals may be unnecessary).

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