Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween giveaway winner

My Halloween giveaway is now over and here I will post all the eligible entries.
All participants did a great work, but as I previously said, the winner will be chosen
randomly. For this, I will use Keep reading if you want to find out who won.
1. MitchFJ 

2. TrendyTips1116
3. Rachel 
4. Tabitha
5. Aurellie

6. Veronica
7. Troia
8. Anna
9. Isaa
10. Stacey
11. Kara
12. Hillary
Seems like entry number 2 was the lucky one. TrendyTips1116 is the winner of the three
 crackling top coats (Yellow, Black and Orange). Congrats! Please email me asap in order to
get your prize. Thanks again to PURE ICE, the sponsor of the prize.

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