Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Once Upon A Blog {Design Shoppe}

As you can see, Konad Addict now has a new design. I chose the colours, backgrounds and
fonts and lovely Jennisa from Once Upon A Blog helped me with it. Many thanks to her for 
doing this! I attached a photo with the old design of the blog, so that neither you, nor 
me forget how it all started two years ago.

Jennisa has been designing blogs for over 5 years now and has done close to 850 blogs.
Once Upon A Blog is the best option I can recommend you if you want to customize 
your blog's design or if you simply can't find anything you like on the internet. Jennisa 
helped me chose what fits the best for me and did it in a very short time. She is prompt 
and very talented and I have nothing to object. 

 If any of you would like to get on her waiting list, she is booking for early November and 
maybe even later October. With promotional code BACK2SCHOOL, you are offered a 
$10 discount. All you need to do is mention the code when you fill out the contact form to
 get in touch with her.

What do you think about my new interface? 

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