Sunday, 4 September 2011

Golden Chameleon

I. LOVE. THIS. MANICURE. I haven't done glitter in a while and thought I'd come back with a bang. The results of this manicure are so multifaceted and shiny, it's nearly blinding. Well, not really, but it is very pretty. I was inspired by a dress I purchased recently that had a slate/gray base and rust colored birds. The contrast was so pretty, I decided to try and replicate it. Sometimes I have troubles finding just one photo I like, but this time it was the opposite. All photos were pretty and showed a different vantage of the manicure. So I'm including a lot of photos!

Sun Shot:

Flash with burst:

Low Light:

First I taped off my nails and painted two coats of of Zoya Kelly and added LA Splash Cosmetics nail glitter in Onyx. After it dried completely (the truth is after I finished my chores), I taped over the painted portion and added three coats of China Glaze Foxy and added a few pieces of glitter I purchased from Ester's Nail Center in a orange/rust color (they have no name, but in the photo on the site, it's the pot in the lower right corner) and in the spaces left I filled in with LA Spash Cosmetics nail glitter in Pot O' Gold. I then painted the entire nail with one coat of Seche Vite.

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