Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Color Changing Mood Nail Polish

Today I'll show you the new Color Changing Nail Polish from Born Pretty.
The shade that I have is Purple/Sky blue and it  changes color based on the 
temperature. It's purple below 33° C and becomes sky blue above 33° C. The best 
way to see the color totally changing is by putting your hands in warm or cold 
water, but the changing of the color is also visible without doing it. 
I applied two coats and the coverage was good, as you can see in  the pictures. It takes 
a little more time to dry, but you can apply a clear top coat to fix the polish.

What do you think? Did you try any color changing nail polishes? 
This one is very accessible, it costs $7.84 and they ship free worldwide.
And for you - for all that are following mu blog - I have a special 10% discount
code to use on any order on their website: MKAK31 .

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