Friday, 3 June 2011

Sunnyside Marble

This manicure was a result of a idea inspired by a compliment on another manicure I painted. I wondered what a "half marble" would look like--and really if it would be even possible to achieve. I am happy with the results, but because of circumstances you can never anticipate when painting with your color choices, it was a bit painstaking in execution (I'll explain more below). It turned out pretty and that's why you're getting a lot of pictures.

Right hand:

Left Hand:

Side Shot:

Notice the shimmer!:

I first painted three coats of Zoya Pippa. (Pippa was not as opaque as I hoped, thus the three coats. It was also a bit on the thick side and didn't want to dry fast. I did apply Qtica Half Time Drying Accelerator, but my polish was still was not as dry as I wanted when I was ready to marble). Originally I wanted a completely dry base coat of color that I could tape off for the marbling. But since I couldn't get Pippa to dry fast enough, I decided to paint a light coat of petroleum jelly on the bottom half to protect that portion from letting the marble paint adhere. I then marbled Pippa, China Glaze Blue Iguana, and Senorita Bonita. When the marbled polish was dried, I carefully peeled back the nail polish that was covering the portion of the nail brushed with petroleum jelly. It was tricky, sticky and complicated, but eventually I got the hang of it. I washed my entire manicure off of the petroleum jelly and once all clean and dry, I did a few touch ups with acetone to get any remnants of polish that was where I didn't want it. I applied one coat of Seche Vite and called it a successful but tedious night!

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