Monday, 25 April 2011

Konad Special White vs. Jolfin Blanc

Today I'll show you how Konad - Special White and Jolfin - Blanc look like
and compare them.
I used 4 different base colors so you can make a clear opinion about them.
They are almost the same thing, both very pigmented.
The texture is a little different, Jolfin - Blanc is more liquid.
The finish of Jolfin - Blanc is kind of matte and the image stamped with it is better definite.
Anyway, there are very little differences and I like both.

You can buy Jolfin - Blanc(12 ml) from Chez Delaney for 5.90 €.
You can buy Konad - Special White(11 ml) from Wow So Cool for $6.99
or from Konad Nail Art if you are from Romania.

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